Vernacular Books in the Middle Ages (January 31, 2014)

University Library Leiden, Vossiuszaal (10:00 am - 4:45 pm)

This colloquium is devoted to manuscripts containing works in the vernacular. It explores various dynamics relating to the composition, design, production, and use of vernacular books in the Middle Ages. What do these objects look like? How were they produced in different linguistic contexts, such as English, Frisian, French, or Italian? How do they compare to their Latin counterparts? Do they feature unique palaeographical or codicological traits?


Morning Session – Chair: Irene O’Daly (Leiden)

10:00 – Kathryn Lowe (Glasgow): Worcester and Wales: Copies of the Regula Pastoralis in the Early Middle Ages

10:40 – Rolf Bremmer (Leiden): Codifying the Law: Frisian Manuscripts around 1300

11:20 – Coffee Break

11:50 – Claudine Chavannes-Mazel (Amsterdam): Latin Secular Texts and their Vernacular Counterparts in Fourteenth-Century France: The Problem of a New Audience with New Desires

12:30 – Display of manuscripts related to the morning lectures, and lunch (not included)

Afternoon Session – Chair: Erik Kwakkel (Leiden)

2:30 – Peter Gumbert (Em. Leiden University): Thick Quires in Italy

3:15 – Coffee Break

Lieftinck Lecture in Medieval Manuscripts (may be attended separately):

3:45 – Elaine Treharne (Stanford): The Missing in the Early English Psalter Tradition (More information here)

4:45 – Drinks & display of manuscripts related to the afternoon lectures

Everyone is welcome to attend. Please RSVP to before 28 January, 2014

For those interested, there is also a (free) masterclass on vernacular manuscripts running the day before this colloquium (30 January, 2014). More information can be found here.



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