Modern and Contemporary Studies: Culture and Transformation

Research Programme of the Modern and Contemporary Studies


Objectives and research area 'Modern and Contemporary Studies'


In the research programme of this cluster more than sixty full professors, readers, lecturers, postdocs and PhD-students participate, from ten departments:

African Language and Culture
D. Merolla, PhD

Art History
Professor R.J. Baarsen
L.M.F. Bertens, PhD
E.C.H. de Bruyn, PhD
Professor W.J.L.M. van Damme
C.J.V. Gräfin von Courten, MA
A.M. Groos, MA
M.H. Groot, PhD 
M.A. Leigh, PhD
D. Louwrier, MA
Professor T.M. de Rijk
J.G. Roding, PhD (also cluster Medieval and Early Modern Studies)
Professor J.B.J. Teeuwisse
H.L. Westgeest, PhD
Professor C.J.M. Zijlmans
Professor R. Zwijnenberg

Book and Digital Media Studies
F.E.W. Praal, MA
Professor A.H. van der Weel

Dutch Language and Culture
Professor Y. van Dijk
R.A.M. Honings, PhD
B.K. Ieven, PhD 
E.A. Op de Beek, PhD
E.M. de Vries, MA

Dutch Studies
Professor O.J. Praamstra 

English Language and Culture
J.C. Kardux, PhD
E.J. van Leeuwen, PhD
Professor P.T.M.G. Liebregts
M. Newton, PhD 
S.A. Polak, PhD-student

Film and Literary Studies
Professor E.J. van Alphen
O.C. Bodde, PhD-student
M. Boletsi, PhD
A. Carikci, MA 
Dr. P. Hesselberth
Y. Horsman PhD
J.J.M. Houwen, PhD
I. Hoving PhD
M.J.A. Kasten, PhD
L. van Kessel, MA
Professor F.W.A. Korsten
E. Minnaard, PhD
E.A. Steinbock, PhD 
P.W.J. Verstraten, PhD

French Language and Culture
J.M.M. Houppermans, PhD 
A.E. Schulte Nordholt, PhD

German Language and Culture 
Professor A. Visser

International Studies
K. Robbe, PhD

Languages and Cultures of Africa
D. Merolla, PhD

Latin American Studies
S. Brandellero, PhD
A.I. Churampi Ramírez, PhD
G. Inzaurralde, PhD 
Professor L.M.L. Rodríguez
N. Timmer, PhD

Slavic Languages and Cultures
O.F. Boele, PhD
J.L.J. Scheijen, PhD

Joint research

The LUCAS or individual members work in conjunction with other researchers at Leiden and with research-partners outside Leiden, both nationally and internationally. Apart from the numerous partnerships with colleagues in the Netherlands, the following institutes are involved.

Leiden researchers not connected with the LUCAS


Leiden study groups

  • Platform for Postcolonial Readings for Junior Researchers in Fields of Postcolonial and Intercultural Criticism (contact: I Hoving PhD; in cooperation with the Department of Literature at the University of Antwerp)
  • Study Group Book Studies (contact: Professor P.G. Hoftijzer)
  • Study Group Convention and Originality (contact: J.M.M. Houppermans, PhD)

collections and institutions

  • Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren (DBNL) (Digital Library of Dutch Literature);



  • Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, Department of Comparative Literature and
    Department of Art History (Van Alphen)
  • Hanover, Dartmouth College (Van Alphen)
  • New York, Cornell University (Van Alphen)
  • Santa Monica, Getty Research Institute (Van Alphen)
  • Johannesburg, University of Witwatersrand (Van Alphen)
  • Sydney, University of New South Wales (Van Alphen)
  • Universität Bremen, Università di Ferrara, Université de Liège, University of Warwick: Project Europäische Mythen und nationale Identität (Visser)

Serial Publications

A number of LUCAS-researchers are involved in serial publications started at Leiden:

  • Bert van Selm-lezing: Editors: professor W van Anrooij, B.P.M. Dongelmans (Phd) (Leiden, Stichting Neerlandistiek)
  • Thamyris/Intersecting (Amsterdam, Rodopi). Editorial Board: Professor E.J. van Alphen, I. Hoving, PhD a.o.
  • Reeks Stichting Neerlandistiek Leiden. Editorial Board: B.P.M. Dongelmans, PhD, K.J.J. Korevaart, PhD.

Text-edition projects

  • Vrouwen in de vormgeving van Nederland 1880-1940 / Women Designers in The Netherlands 1880-1940 (M.H. Groot, PhD)

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