Classics and Classical Civilisation Studies

Research Programme of Classics and Classical Civilisation Studies


Objectives and research area of 'Classics and Classical Civilisation Studies'


In the research programme of this cluster c. sixteen full professors, readers, lecturers, postdocs and PhD-students participate, from one department

Classical Languages and Cultures (Classical Philosophy)
R.M. van den Berg, PhD
Professor F.A.J. de Haas

Classical Languages and Cultures (Greek)
T.A. van Berkel, PhD
C.C. de Jonge, PhD
H.H. de Koning, PhD
M. van Raalte, PhD
A.M. Rademaker, PhD 
S. Ooms, MA
A.M. Schippers, MA
Professor I. Sluiter
M.J.O. Verheij, MA

Classical Languages and Cultures (Latin) 
K. Laporte, MA
A. de March, MA
C.H. Pieper, PhD
Professor A.B. Wessels

Classical Languages and Cultures (Ancient History)
Professor (em.) H.F.J. Horstmanshoff
C. Necsa, MA
Drs. C.R. van Tilburg
Professor J.K. Zangenberg

In this research programme the following researchers from outside the LUCAS are also involved:

F.A.J. Hoogendijk, PhD (Papyrology, Leiden University Institute for Area Studies (LIAS))
Professor L. de Ligt (History Department Leiden University)
Professor R. Copeland (Univ. of Pennsylvania) 
R. Maltby, PhD (Leeds)

Joint research

The LUCAS or individual members work in conjunction with other researchers at Leiden and with research-partners outside Leiden, both nationally and internationally. Apart from the numerous partnerships with colleagues in the Netherlands, the following institutes are involved.

Leiden researchers not connected with the LUCAS

  • Historians in the SEG project

  • Oikos
  • Dictionary project Greek-Dutch (University of Leiden, University of Amsterdam)
  • ZENO Leiden-Utrecht Research Institute for Philosophy (De Haas)
  • The National Protagoras Society (University of Leiden, University of Utrecht, University College Utrecht)
  • Universität Heidelberg, Berichtigungsliste der griechischen Papyrusurkunden (Hoogendijk)
  • Brussels, Free University, Association Internationale de Papyrologues (Hoogendijk)
  • Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Penn-Leiden Colloquia (Sluiter)
  • Leuven, De Wulf-Mansion Centre, Higher Institute of Philosophy (De Haas)
  • Rutgers University (N.J.), Project Theophrastus (Van Raalte, Rademaker)
  • Cambridge, Newham College / Whipple Museum of the History of Science (Van Raalte, Rademaker)

Serial Publications

A number of LUCAS-researchers are involved in serial publications started at Leiden: 

  • Papyrologica Lugduno-Batava; Berichtigungsliste der griechischen Papyri

Text-edition projects

A number of LUCAS-researchers are involved in long-term large-scale text-edition projects

  • Project Theophrastus
  • A number of staff-members of the Leiden Institute of Papyrology are involved in the publication of Greek and demotic papyri worldwide.
  • Ancient Commentators in Translation (ed. R.K.K. Sorabji, Oxford) (Prof. F. de Haas: annotated translations from ancient Greek into English of practically all the philosophical commentaries on Aristotle from late Antiquity).

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