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Information about LUCAS's publication series.

The Seven Provinces series (Dutch language)

This Dutch language series is published in collaboration with publisher Verloren. The Seven Provinces series was established in 1990 to publish studies on the history of the early modern Netherlands. It was designed as an interdisciplinary series. Some publications aim to present a bigger issue in a compact format to a broader audience, while others study a particular case, text or episode in depth. The series includes texts by both renowned scientists and starting authors. Each publication is about 30,000 words long and falls somewhere between a scientific article and a large monograph. They contain an average of 30 illustrations. One or two titles are published every year. More information about the series can be found on the publisher's website, Uitgeverij Verloren. A complete list of published titles can be found under the tab ‘Inhoudsopgave’.

Intersections: Yearbook for Early Modern Studies

This series of publications brings together new material on well considered themes within the broad area of Early Modern Studies. Contributions may come from any of the disciplines within the humanities: history; art history; literary history; book history; church history; social history; history of the humanities, theatre, cultural life and institutions. Each yearbook addresses a single theme and articles are selected for the freshness of their approach and for the extent to which they elucidate aspects of the theme of the volume. The themes are carefully selected on the basis of a number of criteria, the most important of which are that they should address issues about which there is a lively and ongoing debate within the international community of scholars and that they should be of interest to a variety of disciplines. Although it is to be expected that in each volume a fair amount of attention will be paid to the Low Countries, it is a matter of editorial policy that the theme of each yearbook will be approached with an eye to its European dimension.

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The mission of Thamyris/Intersecting is to rigorously bring into encounter the crucial insights of black and ethnic studies, gender studies, and queer studies, and facilitate dialogue and confrontations between them. Thamyris/Intersecting shares this focus with Thamyris: Mythmaking from Past to Present, the socially committed international journal which was established in 1994, and from which Thamyris/Intersecting evolved. The sharpness and urgency of these issues is the point of departure, and the title reflects the decision to work on the cutting edge.

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Earlier publication series

The NLCM series
This series was initiated by Professor Frits van Oostrom after he received a NWO Pioneer subsidy in 1989 followed by a NWO-Spinoza award in 1995 for the research project ‘Dutch literature and culture in the Middle Ages’. Since 1990, a total of 25 titles were published by publisher Prometheus in Amsterdam.

Prof. Wim van Anrooij and Prof. Frits van Oostrom were the editors of the series.


Sir Thomas Browne Institute
(No. 12) J. van den Berg and P.G. Hoftijzer (eds.), Church, Change and Revolution. Transactions of the Fourth Anglo-Dutch Church History Colloquium (Exeter, 30 August - 3 September, 1988), 1991.
(No. 13) V.P.M. Baker-Smith, A Life of Anne of Hannover, Princess Royal, 1995.
(No. 14) A. Hamilton, A.H. de Groot, M.H. van den Boogert (eds.), Friends and Rivals in the East: Studies in Anglo-Dutch Relations in the Levant from the seventeenth to the Early Nineteenth Century, 2000.

Brill's Studies in Intellectual History (volumes published for the Sir Thomas Browne Institute)
(No. 42) C.D. van Strien, British travellers in Holland during the Stuart Period, 1993.
(No. 46) K.L. Sprunger, Trumpets from the Tower. English Puritan Printers in the Low Countries, 1994.
(No. 121) Sophie van Romburgh, ‘For My Worthy Freind Mr Francis Junius’. An Edition of the Correspondence of Francis Junius F.F. (1591-1677), 2004.

Symbola et Emblemata. Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Symbolism (volumes published for the Sir Thomas Browne Institute)
(No. 8) B. Westerweel (ed.), Anglo-Dutch Relations in the Field of the Emblem, 1997.

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