Funding for large-scale European research project: MITT

Mobility of Ideas and Transmission of Texts (MITT) is an Initial Training Network within the Marie Curie Actions funded by the European Commission under Framework 7.


MITT brings together five expert teams to provide substantive and methodological training on late medieval intellectual history, philosophy and literature to a cohort of early-stage researchers. MITT focuses on the medieval dynamics of intellectual life and literature in the Rhineland and the Low Countries, nowadays divided over five countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands) but one cultural region in the later Middle Ages. The project seeks to develop a new perspective on late medieval textual culture in the Low Countries and the Rhineland by looking at the readership, appropriation and circulation of religious and intellectual literature.

The partners are the universities of Antwerp (Ruusbroecgenootschap), Freiburg (Mittelalterzentrum der Universität Freiburg), Lecce (Dipartimento di Filologia classica e Scienze filosofiche), Leiden (Leiden University Institute for Cultural Disciplines) and Oxford (Medieval and Modern Language Faculty).  

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Last Modified: 15-10-2012