Workplace: faculty and ICCS

Faculty ICT facilities

The faculty provides workplaces with a standard PC, and ICT services.

ICT Shared Service Centre (ISSC)

You can contact the ISSC for all PC related matters, such as the VUW workplace, manuals, software requests and functional mailboxes. Please contact the Helpdesk in case of questions or problems.
Website ICCS
ICT for staff
Application forms
Helpdesk ICCS (phone: (071 527) 8888)

If there are costs associated with your request, please contact the institute manager.

Software for private use

Employees of Dutch universities and colleges can buy software for private use at a reduced rate through SurfSpot. You can choose Leiden University when you log in and use your ULCN account.

Webmail and VUW Remote Workspace

If you want to log on to your email account from outside the university, use:
• VUW for your VUW account
If your email address ends in, use this site:
• ULCN/U-mail
Anyone who has a VUW account – the one ending in – also has a Umail account – ending in
If you want to have the mails in your Umail account forwarded to another address, please contact the helpdesk for instructions,, phone: (071 527) 8888.

VUW Remote Workspace
You can access your files and a number of applications from outside the university network through:
• VUW Remote
Publishers often protect their content by only allowing access via the university network. You can bypass this by using Internet Explorer in VUW Remote Workspace.

Last Modified: 09-12-2016