Advisory council

The Advisory Council advises LUCAS’s management team on various issues regarding the institute. The Advisory Council is made up of representatives from various sub-disciplines and categories of the institute. Its members are nominated by the Academic Director and appointed by the Dean for a period of two years. The Council can make proposals and voice its opinions on all matters falling under the remit of the Academic Director. On certain matters, such as the budget or reorganisation of the institute, the Academic Director will first consult the Advisory Council. The Council and the management team, which includes the Academic Director and the Director of Studies, meet every three months.


  • Dr. R.M. van den Berg (Classics and Ancient Civilisations Studies)
  • Dr. E.C.H. de Bruyn (Film and Photographic Studies)
  • Prof.dr. C.A. van Eck (Art history)
  • Dr. E. Kwakkel (English Literature and Culture), chairperson
  • E.M. de Vries MA (Dutch Literature and Culture)
  • Prof.dr. A. Visser (German Literature and Culture)

Last Modified: 06-08-2015