Susanna de Beer's VENI 'Visions of Rome' closing meeting in Rome

With an expert meeting and public symposium at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR) on 5 and 6 November, Susanna de Beer has officially closed her VENI Project ‘Visions of Rome. Strategic Appropriation of the Roman Heritage in Humanist Latin Poetry’.

Book proposal

For the expert meeting on Thursday 5 November Susanna de Beer invited five scholars from different countries and with different expertise, ranging from Latin literature and Classical Reception Studies (Catharine Edwards, Donatella Coppini and Marc Laureys), to Art History (Kathleen Christian) and Renaissance Philosophy (Lodi Nauta). The goal of this meeting was to discuss the results of the VENI project in the form of a book proposal.
De Beer: ‘I sent them the Introduction and chapter outlines of the monograph I am preparing and asked them for a critical response. This meeting was very valuable, not just for the experts’ useful feedback and practical suggestions, but also because of the interesting discussions that evolved during the day.’


The public symposium 'Visions of Rome' on Friday 6 November was dedicated to ‘The Reception of the Roman Heritage in Art and Literature’, and included six presentations that shed light on this topic from different perspectives. Susanna herself closed the day with a presentation on her Digital Humanities Project ‘Mapping Visions of Rome’ and the web portal ‘Digital Roman Heritage’, which she designed as spin-off of this VENI project during a fellowship at NIAS previous academic year.

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Last Modified: 24-11-2015