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1-2 May 2015: Conference 'Origins and the legitimacy of architecture in Europe, 1750-1850'

On May 1 and 2 the VIDI project 'Quest for the Legitimacy of Architecture (1750-1850)' will be concluded with a VIDI conference, related to the project and entitled 'Origins and the legitimacy of architecture in Europe, 1750-1850'. The conference will be organized by the team of the three VIDI project researchers: supervisor Maarten Delbeke, postdoctoral researcher Sigrid de Jong, and PhD candidate Linda Bleijenberg.

Navigating in the current artistic climate - artists in conversation

A panel discussion chaired by Chris Keulemans will bring together artists Jonas Staal, Miko Veldkamp, Marcel van den Berg and Koen Hauser. How does the current artistic climate influence their work, working method and status? Does it call for a different relationship between art and the public? And how do they steer a satisfactory course between the demands of the market and their artistic autonomy?