National funding opportunities

Leiden University Fund

The Leiden University Fund (LUF) provides grants that finance projects conducted by Leiden University researchers including the Gratama Stichting, the Byvanck Fonds and subsidies for pilot studies.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research funds more than 5,600 research projects at universities and knowledge institutions. More information at NWO funding.

The Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen has a number of subsidies, one of which is Akademie Colloquia. More information on KNAW-Beurzen en Subsidies (in Dutch).

Smaller scholarships

Niels Stensen Fellowship
This fellowship is meant for socially engaged candidates who recently received their PhD or will soon receive it. Two professors need to nominate the candidate for a research project at a university or institute abroad.
More information on the site of the association (in Dutch).

Last Modified: 20-12-2016