The BASCE Mission

The primary purpose of BASCE is to provide a meeting point for anyone in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg who is interested in the changing relations between culture and the environment.

The association's aims are:

To create a dynamic platform for exchanging of ideas, plans, and information about national and international developments.
To support, strengthen, and expand the study of art, culture, and the environment in the Benelux by stimulating collaborative publications and research projects, organizing lectures, workshops, PhD-seminars, and conferences, and by hosting a website.
To work in close collaboration with our European sister-associations to support European research in art, culture, and the environment, with a special focus on Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourgian environments (in their global context).
To make complex academic research accessible to a more general public (teachers, policy-makers, artists, and all those interested).

Last Modified: 15-07-2014