Environmental activism

Activist and policy movements across Europe are struggling to give nature and the environment a specific place in the dynamic cultural world. Some examples are shown below. We regularly send out emails updating those interested in BASCE about what's happening in the Benelux. If you're interested, please send us an email to join our mailing list.

Environment in the EU

The European Commission sets a wide range of standards for environmental conservation and waste and resource management for the whole of the European Union and that have a global impact.

Den Haag in Transitie

Want to see flowers growing out of every nook and cranny? Wonder where your food comes from? Urban gardening is a worldwide movement that takes sustainability to the heart of the city. The Hague's Den Haag in Transitie is making a grass roots effort to make urban areas a little bit greener.

Rewilding Europe

Rewilding Europe aims to create one million hectacres of wilderness in Europe by 2020. An example of such a wilderness area in the Benelux would be the Oostvaardersplassen

Last Modified: 15-07-2014