Art and Literature: Expressing nature

Send us an email to joint our mailing list and discover how artists and writers throughout the Belelux are creatively engaging with their environs. Some recent examples are shown below. Also, if you know of artistic and literary events happening in the Benelux that you'd like us to share with BASCE members, please send us an email.

Verbeke Gallery

It might be easy to sweep away cobwebs but Jalila Essaidi pushes the limits of how security and biotechnology interact with an exhibit at the Verbeke Gallery. There Essaidi reveals a bulletproof matrix made of spider silk produced by transgenic goats in human skin that encourages discussions on safety, science, and society.

Ja Natuurlijk

Ja Natuurlijk presents a number of art exhibits in the Hague that question how people relate to the environment.

Last Modified: 15-07-2014