By the Rivers of Babylon

In the history of Judaism, the Babylonian exile constitutes a major watershed. The social, institutional and cultic organization of the Second Temple differed markedly from the forms that had existed in the kingdom of Judah before the diaspora. The project’s aim is to engage in a comparative study between the Second Temple of Jerusalem and the Babylonian temple cult as evidenced by recently disclosed cuneiform records.

News and Events


Darren Aronofsky’s new film Noah (released in the Netherlands 10 April 2014) is the latest vision in a long history of engagement with a myth of a primeval flood, stretching back to Ancient Mesopotamia and the Hebrew Bible. On Tuesday 15 April 2014, 17:00 sharp (Lipsius 003), the BABYLON project welcomes you to "The Flood from Sumer to Aronofsky", an event with three lectures discussing some of the relevant ancient and cinematic backgrounds to the flood, by Dr. David Shepherd (Trinity College Dublin), Dr. Dina Katz (Leiden), and Dr. Irving Finkel (The British Museum).