Korean Studies

Research projects of the School of Asian Studies.

Asiascape – Contemporary East Asia Media Centre

Duration: 3 years
Nature: NWO (Internationalization) and IIAS and Toshiba International Foundation
Project members: Chris Goto-Jones, Ivo Smits, Kasia Cwiertka (Leiden); Thomas Lamarre (McGill); Susan Napier (Tufts); Lockyer (SOAS); Williams (Leeds); Takayuki (Keio)

 This project aims to create a research hub for the study of East Asian technoculture, particularly with a focus on politics and philosophy.  It is explicitly engaged in building an international network to organise this new field and to place Leiden at its hub.

Modern East Asia Research Centre (MEARC)

Duration: 3 years initially (2006-2008) - extended till at least end 2009
Nature: LU Board of Directors through Faculty of Humanities
Project leader: Goto-Jones ( Leiden), A. Schneider (Leiden)

Abstract: The aim of MEARC is to become the European hub of genuinely disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research on East Asia, in order to build bridges between the so-called ‘Area Studies’ and conventional disciplines such as Politics, History and Philosophy. It will achieve this through (support of) lectures, workshops, conferences, and publication of peer-reviewed books and articles and by the provision of research grants.

Sustaining Total War: Militarisation, Economic Mobilisation and Social Change in Japan and Korea (1931-1953)

Duration: 2008-2013
Nature: NWO Vidi
Project leader: Kasia Cwiertka
Project members: -

Abstract: This project deals with the question as to how the Asian-Pacific War (1931-1945) and the Korean War (1950-1953) influenced the Japanese and Korean societies, by studying the production, distribution, preparing and consumption of food during these periods, assuming that changes in these processes also brought about changes in the social environment.

Reconceptualizing Northeast Asia: World History through the Lens of Koryo and the Liao

Duration: Start in 2008
Nature: NWO Veni
Project leader: Remco Breuker

History as social process: Unconventional historiographies of Korea

Duration: 2009-2014
Nature: Academy of Koren Studies
Project leader: Boudewijn Walraven
Project members: Boudewijn Walraven de Ceuster, Breuker 2 PhD candidates, 1 postdoc

Abstract: The project researches historical representations of history, created not only by professional historians but also by novelist, media, etc., both “high” and “low history”.

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