PhD graduations

LIAS PhD defences from 2006 to date.


Kunstwerk ter nagedachtenis aan de Balkanoorlog en de Osmaanse droom (Tüccarzâde İbrahim Hilmi, 1912)

Kunstwerk ter nagedachtenis aan de Balkanoorlog en de Osmaanse droom (Tüccarzâde İbrahim Hilmi, 1912)

18 November: J.W.P. (Jochem) van den Boogert
Rethinking Javanese Islam: Towards New Descriptions of Javanese Traditions
Supervisor: Prof. dr. B. Arps

12 November: K. (Kartika) Setyawati
Kidung Surajaya: Suntingan Teks, Terjemahan dan Analisis Makna Isi Teks
Supervisors: Prof. dr. B. Arps and Prof. dr. W van der Molen (KITLV)

11 November: A.Z. (Asim) Zubcevic
Book-ownership in Ottoman Sarajevo 1707-1828
Supervisor: Prof. dr. J.J. Witkam

15 October: N. (Nirajan) Kafle
The Nisvasamukha, the Introductory Book of the Nisvasatattvasamhita
Supervisors: prof. dr. P.C. Bisschop and Prof. Dr. Dominic Goodall (EFEO Parijs)

9 September: C.S. (Chaider) Bamualim
The Rise of Radical Islam in mkarta
Supervisors: prof. Prof. dr. L.P.H.M. Buskens and Dr. N.J.G. Kaptein

30 June: C.K. (Carl) Li
"Normal" Feelings in "Abnormal" Worlds, On the Political Uses of Emotion in Science Fiction Manga
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Chris Goto-Jones and Dr. Florian Schneider

23 June: S. (Serhan) Afacan
State, Society, and Labour in Iran, 1906-1941: A Social History of Iranian Industrialization and Labour with Reference to the Textile Industry
Supervisor: prof. dr. Touraj Atabaki

17 June: M. (Majuka) Tanabe
A Century of Hands: Work, Communities, and Identities among the Ayt Khebbach Fossil Artisans in a Moroccan Oasis
Supervisors: Prof. dr. L.P.H.M. Buskens and Prof. dr. H.J. Stroomer

11 June: E. (Engin) Kiliҫ
The balkan war (1912-1913) and visions of the future in Ottoman Turkish literature
Supervisors: Prof. dr. E.J. Zürcher and dr. P. de Bruijn
Read more about the thesis of Engin Kiliҫ (in Dutch)

28 May: Y.W. (Yi-Wen) Cheng
"State Monopoly, Chinese Style: A Case Study of the Tobacco Industry"
Supervisor: prof. dr. T.W. Ngo
Read more (in Dutch) 

22 April: D.A.M.E. (Dorrit) van Dalen
There is no doubt; Muslim scholarship and society in 17th central Sudanic Africa
Supervisors: Prof.dr. P.M. Sijpesteijn en Prof.dr. R.J. Ross (LUIH)

22 April: C. (Christina) van der Wal Anonby
A Grammar of Kumzari. A Mixed Perso-Arabian Language of Oman
Supervisors: prof. dr. H.J. Stroomer and dr. G.R. van den Berg  

24 February: B.K. (Berthe) Jansen
The Monastery Rules: Buddhist Monastic Organization in Pre-modern Tibet
Supervisor: Prof. dr. J.A. Silk

12 February: S. (Sevgi) Adak Turan
Kemalism in the Periphery: Anti-Veiling Campaigns and State-Society Relations in 1930s Turkey
Supervisors: Prof. dr. T. Atabaki and prof. dr. E.J. Zürcher

3 February: N. (Nikos) Christofis
From socialism via anti-imperialism to nationalism
Supervisor: Prof. dr. E.J. Zürcher

15 January: J.W.A. (Jerôme) de Wit
Writing under Wartime Conditions: North and South Korean Writers during the Korean War (1950-1953)
Supervisor: prof. dr. B.C.A. Walraven


16 December: Suryadi
The Recording Industry and “Regional” Culture in Indonesia: The Case of Minangkabau.
Supervisor: prof. dr. B. Arps

9 October: A.W. (Wendelmoet) Hamelink
The Sung Home. Narrative, morality, and the Kurdish nation.
Supervisors: Prof. dr. P.E. Spyer (Social Science) and dr. G.R. van den Berg (LIAS)

2 October: K. (Kaveh) Ehsani
The Social History of Labor in the Iranian Oil Industry
Supervisors: Prof.dr. T. Atabaki and prof.dr. M.M. van der Linden (Universiteit van Amsterdam) 

2 October: Chin-Hui Lin
Utterance-final particles in Taiwan Mandarin: contact, context, and core functions
Supervisors: Prof. L.L. Cheng and Prof. R.P.E. Sybesma

30 September: M. (Marije) Plomp
Never-Neverland Revisited: Malay Adventure Stories
Supervisor: Prof.dr. E.J. van Alphen and prof.dr. H.M.J. Maier (Univ. of California, Riverside)

9 September: E. (Emre) Erol
Capitalism, Migration, War and Nationalism in an Aegean Port Town: The Rise and Fall of a Belle Époque in the Ottoman county of Foçateyn
Supervisor: Prof. dr. E.J. Zürcher

27 August: M.E. (Martin) Roth
Disruptive Conflicts in Computopic Space
Supervisor: prof. dr. C. Goto-Jones

28 May: R. de Boer
Amorites in the early Old Babylonian Period
Supervisors: Prof. dr. W.H. van Soldt, prof. dr. R.J. van der Spek (VU A'dam), Prof. dr. H. Gzella

15 May: M.A. Nematollahi Mahani
‘Do Not Say They Are Dead’: The Political Use of Mystical and Religious Concepts in the Persian Poetry of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88)
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Petra Sijpesteijn and dr. Asghar Seyed Gohrab

16 April: M.J. Kahmann
Ontmoetingen tussen Marokkaanse Nederlanders en de Marokkaanse overheid: een antropologisch perspectief
Supervisors: prof.dr. M.S. Berger (LUCSoR) and Prof.dr. L.P.H.M. Buskens (LIAS)
Read more (in Dutch) 

2 April: J. Bruning
The rise of a capital: on the development of al-Fusṭāṭ‘s relationship with its hinterland, 18/639-132/750
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Petra Sijpesteijn and dr. M.L.M. (Maaike) van Berkel (UvA)
Read more (in Dutch)

18 March: M. Yoon
"Aestheticized Politics: The Workings of North Korean Art"
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Remco Breuker

5 February: M.S.H. Alsulami
Iranian orientalism: notions of the other in modern Iranian thought
Supervisors: Dr. A.A. Seyed-Gohrab and Prof.dr. P.M. Sijpesteijn

8 January: M. Olnon
Brought under the law of the land
Supervisor: Prof.dr. P.M. Sijpesteijn


12 December: M.A.L. Legendre
Pouvoir et territoire : L’administration islamique en Moyenne-Égypte pré-ṭūlūnide (642-868)
Supervisor: Prof.dr. P.M. Sijpesteijn

4 December: Y. Huda
Contesting Sharia. State Law, Decentralization and Minangkabau Custom
Supervisor: Prof.dr. L.P.H.M. Buskens

31 October: N.A.N.M. van Os
Feminism, philanthropy and patriotism: female associational life in the Ottoman empire
Supervisors: Prof.dr. E.J. Zürcher and Prof.dr. W.H.M. Jansen (Radboud Universiteit)

19 September: E. van Eijk
Family Law in Syria, A Plurality of Laws, Norms, and Legal Practices
Supervisor: Prof. dr. L.P.H.M. Buskens

17 September: A.K. Grasskamp
Cultivated Curiosities: A Comparative Study of Chinese Artifacts in European Kunstkammern and European Objects in Chinese Elite Collections
Supervisors: Prof.dr. M. Meadow (University of California Santa Barbara and prof.dr. B. ter Haar (University of Oxford)

4 September: C. Shu
Pride and Loathing in History
Supervisors: Prof. dr. S.R. Landsberger and prof. dr. A. Schneider

28 August: Y. Pribadi
Islam and Politics in Madura: Ulama and Other Local Leaders in Search of Influence (1990-2010)
Supervisor: Prof.dr. C. van Dijk

27 August: Khaled Mohamed Mahmoud Younes
Joy and Sorrow in Early Islamic Egypt: Arabic Private Letters on Papyrus, 7th-9th century
Supervisors: Petra Sijpesteijn (LIAS) and Geoffrey Khan (Cambridge)

24 April: Jung-Shim Lee
Buddhist writers in colonial Korea (1910-1945)
Supervisors: Boudewijn Walraven en Remco Breuker

17 April: Jan Lisman
Cosmogeny, Theogony and Anthropogeny in Sumerian Texts
Supervisors: Wilfred van Soldt and Dina Katz

13 March: Mark van Tongeren
Grenzen van het hoorbare; over de meerstemmigheid van het lichaam.
Supervisors: Prof. Frans de Ruiter (Academy of Creative and Performing Arts) 1st promotor,
Prof. Dr. Ben Arps (LIAS) / Dr. Marcel Cobussen (Academy of Creative and Performing Arts) 2nd promotor,
Prof. Dr. Joep Bor (Academy of Creative and Performing Arts) 3rd promotor

21 February: Kyoung-Hee Park
State and Food in South Korea: Moulding the National Diet in Wartime and Beyond
Supervisor: Kasia Cwiertka

22 January: Ismail Çağlar
Good and bad muslims, real and fake seculars
Supervisor: Erik-Jan Zürcher

8 January: Dorothe Sommer
Unity is strength: Masonic lodges in Ottoman Syria with a focus on Tripoli and El Mina (1860-1908)
Supervisor: Erik-Jan Zürcher


11 December: Juniator Tulius
Family Stories: Oral Tradition, Memories of the Past, and Contemporary Conflicts over Land in Mentawai - Indonesia
Supervisor: Ben Arps

18 October: Tobias Scheucher
The First Phase of the School Curriculum in Syria and Anatolia
Supervisor: Wilfred van Soldt

18 September: Fei Huang
Landscape Practices and Representations in Eighteenth-Century Dongchuan, Southwest China
Supervisor: Barend ter Haar

11 September: Piotr Adamek
A good son is sad if he hears the name of his father: The tabooing of names in China as a way of implementing social values
Supervisor: Barend ter Haar

19 June: Kozad Ahmed
The beginnings of Ancient Kurdistan (c. 2500-1500 BC): A historical and cultural synthesis 
Supervisors: Wilfred van Soldt, Henri Claessen, Diederik Meijer (Archaeology)

30 May: Vincent Breugem
From Prominence to Obscurity, A Study of the Darumashu: Japan’s First Zen School
Supervisor: Wim Boot

15 May: Min-Chin Chiang
Memory contested, locality transformed: representing Japanese colonial 'heritage' in Taiwan
Supervisors: Ethan Mark, Willem Willems (Archaeology)

13 March: Hawar Nerweyi
The Republic of Kurdistan, 1946
Supervisor: Touraj Atabaki

26 January: Lena Scheen
Shanghai: Literary Imaginings of a City in Transformation
Supervisor: Maghiel van Crevel


13 December: Marjolijn van Zutphen
Faramarz, the Sistani Hero
Supervisor: Jan Just Witkam

24 November: Manja Bomhoff
Long-Lived Sociality: A Cultural Analysis of Middle-Class Older Persons' Social Lives in Kerala, India
Supervisor: Carla Risseeuw (Social Sciences)

21 November: Önder Cetin
Patrons, Clients and Friends: The Role of Bosnian Ulema in the Rebuilding of Trust and Coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Supervisors: Touraj Atabaki, Bayat Asef

22 June: Sasha Verma
Significance of Identity, Individuality & Ideology in Old Kingdom Elite Tomb Iconography
Supervisors: René van Walsem, Olaf Kaper

15 June: Jeroen Groenewegen
The Performance of Identity in Chinese Popular Music
Supervisors: Maghiel van Crevel, Wim van der Meer (UvA)

14 June: Merijn Gantzert
The Emar Lexical Texts
Supervisor: Wilfred van Soldt

1 June: Juliette Huber (LUCL)
A Grammar of Makalero: A Papuan Language of East Timor
Supervisors: Maarten Mous (LUCL), Aone van Engelenhoven

31 May: Kalsang Gurung
The Emergence of a Myth: In Search of the Origins of the Life Story of Shenrab Miwo, the founder of Bon
Supervisor: Sasha Lubotsky (LUCL), Henk Blezer

23 March: Leo Roeten
The certainty of change
Supervisor: Joris Borghouts, René van Walsem 

22 March: P. Luttik 
Van voorouderschrijn tot souvenir
Supervisor: P.J.M. Nas

23 February: Ramada Elghamis
Le tifinagh au Niger contemporain 
Supervisor: Harry Stroomer

3 February: Andrea Acri
Dharma Patañjala
Supervisor: Arlo Griffiths


14 September: Willemijn Waal
The Source as Object: Studies in Hittite Diplomatics
Supervisors: Wilfred van Soldt, Theo van Hout (University of Chicago)

1 September: Bas Snelders
Identity and Christian-Muslin Interaction
Supervisor: Bas ter Haar Romeny, Mat Immerzeel

1 July: Andreas Marks
Kabuki brain puzzles: Station-character motif patterns in the actor Tokaido series of Utagawa Kunisada (1786–1865)
Supervisor: Matti Forrer

15 June: Chen Yu-Jen
Embodying Nation in Food Consumption: Changing Boundaries of “Taiwanese Cuisine” (1895-2008)
Supervisor: Axel Schneider

1 June: Arzu Meral
Western Ideas percolating into Ottoman minds: a survey of translation activity and the famous case of Télémaque
Supervisor: Remke Kruk

26 May: Dogan Cetinkaya
Muslim Merchants and Working Class in Action: Nationalism, Social Mobilization and Boycott Movement in the Ottoman Empire 1908-1914
Supervisor: Erik-Jan Zürcher

3 March: H. Guo
Writing Chinese Art History in Late Qing and Republican China
Supervisors: Oliver Moore, Barend ter Haar

16 February: M.A. Jansen
Fashionably Traditional
Supervisor: Léon Buskens 

16 February: Islam Qasem
(Lecturer at  LIAS/SMES) 
Neo-Rentier Theory: The Case of Saudi Arabia (1950-2000)
Supervisor: M.O. Hosli (Social Sciences)

2 February: Antonio Terrone 
Bya rog prog zhu: The Raven Crest
Supervisor: Barend ter Haar

2 February: Carmen Pérez González 
A Comparative Visual Analysis of Nineteenth-Century Iranian Portrait Photography and Persian Painting
Supervisors: Kitty Zijlmans (Art History), Jan Just Witkam


17 December: R.A.G. Soekatno
Kidung Tantri Kediri
Supervisor: Ben Arps

10 December: Menghong Chen
De Chinese gemeenschap van Batavia, 1843-1865, een onderzoek naar het Kong Koan-archief
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé van Oud-Alblas

1 December: Magdalena Kuhn
Die Struktur der koptischen liturgischen Melodien
Supervisors: Joris Borghouts, Jacques van der Vliet

18 November: Alexandros Lamprou  
Between central state and local society
Supervisor: Erik-Jan Zürcher

3 November: Paramita Paul
Wandering Saints: Chan Eccentrics in the Art and Culture of Song and Yuan China
Supervisors: Maghiel van Crevel, Oliver Moore

24 September: Zulkifli
The struggle of the Shi'is in Indonesia
Supervisor: Cees van Dijk

10 September: A. Pissin
Elites and their children
Supervisor: Barend ter Haar 

2 September: E. van Dongen
Goodbye Radicalism! Conceptions of conservatism among Chinese intellectuals during the early 1990s
Supervisor: Axel Schneider

11 June: Panitee Suksomboon (LIAS guest researcher)
Thai migrant women in the Netherlands: Cross-cultural marriages and families
Supervisor: Carla Risseeuw (Social Sciences)

9 June: Chiara Brivio
The human being: when philosophy meets history
Supervisors: Chris Goto-Jones, Rikki Kersten (Australian National University)

9 June: Katinka van Heeren
Contemporary Indonesian film: spirits of reform and ghosts from the past
Supervisor: Ben Arps 

26 May: K. Togo
The inside story of the negotiations on the northern territories
Supervisor: Chris Goto-Jones

14 May: Robbert Woltering
Supervisor: Asef Bayat

6 May: Véronique Degroot
Candi, space and landscape. A study on the distribution, orientation and spatial organization of central Javanese temple remains 
Supervisor: Marijke Klokke, Ben Arps, Aart Mekking (Art History)

19 February: Pinar Yelsali Parmaksiz
Modernization and Gender Regimes: Life Histories of the Wives of Turkish Political Leaders
Supervisor: Erik-Jan Zürcher


3 December: Ismail Hakki Kadi
Natives and Interlopers: competition between Ottoman and Dutch merchants in the eighteenth century
Supervisor: Erik-Jan Zürcher 

25 November: Çimen Günay-Erkol
Cold War Masculinities in Turkish Literature: A Survey of  March 12 Novels
Supervisors: E. van Alphen, Erik-Jan Zürcher

5 November: Silvia Marijnissen
From transparency to artificiality: modern chinese poetry from Taiwan after 1949
Supervisor: Maghiel van Crevel

5 November: Chris Nierstrasz
In the shadow of the company
Supervisors: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas, F.S. Gaastra (History)

25 September: Minori Kogure
National prestige and economic interest - Dutch diplomacy towards  Japan 1850 ‐ 1863
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas

25 September: Wouter ter Bruggen Hugenholtz
De landrentebelasting op Java 1812-1920
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas

24 June: A. Pos
Het paviljoen van porselein
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas

24 June: K. Ukai
Yuefuand Gexing by Li He
Supervisor: W.L. Idema

18 June: Janet Kamphorst
In Praise of Death
Supervisor: D.H.A. Kolff

29 May: Dirk Meyer
Meaning-construction in warring-states philosophic discourse
Supervisors: Barend ter Haar, J. Gentz (University of Edinburgh)

15 May: Melody Chia-Wen LU
Gender, Marriage and Migration. Contemporary marriages between mainland China and Taiwan
Supervisors: Axel Schneider, Carla Risseeuw (Social Sciences)

13 March: Stefan E.A. van Galen
Arakan and Bengal
Supervisor: D.H.A. Kolff

12 March: Gijs C. Kruijtzer
Xenophobia and Consciousness in Seventeenth-Century India
Supervisor: D.H.A. Kolff

5 March: Lennert Gesterkamp
The heavenly court: A study on the iconopraxis of Daoist temple painting
Supervisor: Barend ter Haar

30 January: Renaud J. Kuty
Studies in the syntax of Targum Jonathan to Samuel
Supervisor: T. Muraoka


18 December: O.M. Ulus
The attitude of the radical left in Turkey towards the army
Supervisor: Erik-Jan Zürcher

13 December: Sri Margana
Company versus Wong Pinggir
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas (TANAP Project)

12 December: Binu M. John
The Ali Rajas of Cannanore
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas (TANAP Project)

22 November: U. Azak
Janus-faced memory of secularism
Supervisors: Erik-Jan Zürcher, M. van Bruinessen (Utrecht)

20 November: T.H.F. Halbertsma
Nestorian remains of Inner Mongolia
Supervisor: Barend ter Haar

31 October: S.M. Hell
Siam and the League of Nations
Supervisor: B.J. Terwiel

30 October: J. Burhanudin
Islamic knowledge, authority and political power
Supervisor: Cees van Dijk

30 October: D.N. Rosidin
From Kampung to Kota
Supervisor: Cees van Dijk

12 September: Muridan S. Widjojo
Crosss-cultural Alliance-making and local resistance in Maluka during the revolt of Prince Nuku, c. 1780-1810
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas (TANAP Project)

6 September: Ghulam A. Nadri
Eighteenth-century Gujarat: The dynamics of its political economy, 1750-1800
Supervisors: D.H.A. Kolff, Om Prakash, Jos Gommans (TANAP Project)

20 June: Anjana Singh
Fort Cochin in Kerala 1750-1830
Supervisor: D.H.A. Kolff (TANAP Project)

14 June: Dick Stegewerns
Adjusting to the New World
Supervisor: K.W. Radtke

10 May: Hsin-Hui Chiu
The colonial 'civilizing process' in Dutch Formosa 1624-166
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas (TANAP Project)

4 April: N.R. Dewasiri
Sri Lankan Peasant in Transition
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas (TANAP Project)

15 March: J. Dees
Facing modern times
Supervisor: Willem van Gulik

7 March: B. Ruangsilp
Dutch East Indian Company Merchants at the Court of Ayutthaya
Supervisors: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas, P.J.A.N. Rietbergen (Nijmegen University)

7 February: A. Stremmelaar
Justice and revenge in the Ottoman rebellion of 1703
Supervisor: Erik-Jan Zürcher


19 December: Remco Breuker
When truth is everywhere: the formation of plural identities in medieval Korea, 918-1170
Supervisor: Boudewijn Walraven

19 December: J.E. Bosnak
Shaping the Javanese play
Supervisor: Ben Arps

7 December: Matthijs de Jong
Isaiah among the ancient Near Eastern prophets. A comparative study of the earliest stages of the Isaiah tradition and the Neo-Assyrian prophecies
Supervisors: A. van der Kooij (Theology), Wilfred van Soldt

7 December: Hoang Anh Tuan
Silk for silver: Dutch-Vietnamese relations, 1637-1700
Supervisors: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas, F.S. Gaastra (TANAP Project)

6 December: Liu Yong
The Dutch East India company’s tea trade with China, 1757-1781
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas (TANAP Project)

30 November: A.F. Schrikker
Dutch and British colonial intervention in Sri Lanka ca 1780-1815
Supervisor: Leonard Blussé Van Oud Alblas (TANAP Project)

31 October: M.F.J. Baasten
The non-verbal clause in Qumran Hebrew
Supervisor: Holger Gzella

24 October: L.E.M. Mols
Mamluk metalwork fittings in their artistic and architectural context
Supervisors: Remke Kruk, R. Hillenbrand (University of Edinburgh)

4 October: A.A. Slaczka
Temple consecration rituals in ancient India text
Supervisor: K.R. van Kooij

20 June: S. Karasipahi
Strange fruit: Muslim intellectuals as products of Kemalist modernisation
Supervisor: Erik-Jan Zürcher

29 May: Paul van Els
The Wenzi: creation and manipulation of a Chinese philosophical text
Supervisor: Maghiel van Crevel

22 May: A.M.J.J. Beerens
Friends, acquaintances, pupils and patrons
Supervisor: Wim Boot

12 April: M. Zitman
The Necropolis of Assiut
Supervisor: Joris Borghouts

22 March: J.P.M. Groot
Van de Grote Rivier naar het Koningsplein
Supervisor: Cees Fasseur

22 March: S. Toda
Vie de S. Macaire l’Egyptien. Edition et traduction des textes copte et syriaque
Supervisors: Joris Borghouts, Jacques van der Vliet, Bas ter Haar Romeny

16 February: W.F.M. Henkelman
The other gods who are
Supervisors: K.R. Veenhof, Wilfred van Soldt

14 February: J.P. Millie
Splashed by the Saint
Supervisor: Henk Maier

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