Regime Change, Democracy and Islam | The Case of Indonesia

Final Report Islam Research Programme Jakarta, March 2013

The IRP Jakarta research project is executed by the Training Indonesia Young Leaders Programme, which forms part of the Leiden Institute for Area Studies (LIAS). The project started in 2010 and was completed in December 2012 and aims to analyze religious trends in contemporary Indonesian society specifically looking at developments related to the role of Islam in political, cultural and socio-legal contexts. The first research theme is Sharia-based legislation in Indonesia, focusing on a comparison between international treaties and local practice with regard to the position of women and children. The second theme is developments related to Islam in Aceh. The third theme studies developments within organizations and parties with Islam as their basis, focusing on the impact of Muslim organizations and the ulama group on political parties.   

IRP Jakarta project

The IRP Jakarta project is part of the larger research programme ‘Strengthening Knowledge of and Dialogue with the Muslim World’ (in short Islam Research Programme) that is administered by Leiden University and PwC on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme concentrates on research on contemporary developments in the Muslim world that are relevant for Netherlands’ policy development in the field of international cooperation. Research topics fall within the areas of Islamic law, political and socio-economic developments, and culture and religion.


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