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Lectures, courses and conferences concerning Central Asia.

Upcoming events

Feb 2015: 

Research Consortium Eurasia Workshop on the impact of historical legacies on contemporary political developments in Central Asia in Leiden (Leiden University, University of Bremen and Cambridge University) 

19 Feb 2015:  Khubilai Khan’s legacy: Inner Asian Influence on Chinese art, Lecture by Professor Morris Rossabi (Columbia University / The City University of New York), organized by the Asia Pavilion of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and IIAS, in cooperation with the Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst (VVAK).
20 Feb 2015:  Voices from Tibet: Reportage by Woeser & Wang, Lecture. 
24 Feb 2015:  PhD defence B.K. Jansen, The Monastery Rules: Buddhist Monastic Organization in Pre-modern Tibet 
Wed 18 - Fri 20 March 2015: GLASS-Islam with Nile Green


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