Doing a PhD at LIAS

PhD research

LIAS has a School of Asian Studies (SAS) and a School of Middle-Eastern Studies (SMES). These designations, and the fields within them, remain foundational to our work. At the same time, the academic community benefits from the presence of cross-regional networks that are defined along thematic and disciplinary lines.

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PhD council

The LIAS & LUCSoR PhD Council represents all PhD students affiliated with the LIAS and the LUCSoR and promotes their interests.

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LIAS PhD and Postdoc Seminar

The LIAS PhD and Postdoc Seminar is a meeting place for PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows, to discuss topics that are directly relevant to all those engaged in Area Studies. The seminar offers participants an opportunity to present their research, to benefit from one another’s work, ideas and experience, and to build a community across disciplinary, area and period specialization. It enables them to broaden their horizons and reflect on their professional practice.