W. (Wenxin) Wang

  • PhD student
  • Chinese Studies

Fields of interest

Traditional Chinese literature, art and culture, comparative literature.


Poems Inscribed on Paintings in the Ming Dynasty
Supervisors: Oliver Moore, Ivo Smits and Maghiel van Crevel

My study focuses on a certain case concerning the relationship between classical Chinese poetry and painting—a special art form named “ti-hua-shi” (poems inscribed on paintings). “Ti-hua-shi”, originated no later than the Tang Dynasty (618-907), is a complex unity integrating words and images, so the research will be an interdisciplinary one combing literature and art. It is expected to reveal the developmental history and characteristics of “ti-hua-shi”, while introducing some important poets or poet-painters and analyzing their most representative works.


M. A. in Comparative Literature and World Literature, School of Chinese Language & Literature, Beijing Normal University, China, 2008-2011.

B. A. in Chinese Language, Department of Chinese Language & Literature, Shandong Normal University, China, 2004-2008.

- Project assistant, “Electronic Resources Library of Comparative Literature” funded by Higher Education Press, Beijing Normal University, 2010.
- Compiler, Selected Readings on Original Works of Comparative Literature, Beijing Normal University, 2009.
- Project assistant, “Report on the General Situation of Natural Disaster and Case Study of Government Emergency Management in the World” funded by Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, Beijing Normal University, 2009.

- Outstanding Student, First Prize Scholarship of Shandong Normal University, 2006, 2007.
- Specialized Scholarship of Shandong Normal University, 2005.

Mandarin (native), English, Japanese


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
Wang Wenxin (2011) “Three Points and a Line: Study on Space Composition in Zola’s La Bête Humaine”(三点一线:左拉《人面兽心》的空间构成研究), Journal of Mudanjiang University, Vol. 20, No.1. pp.71-73.

Wang Wenxin (2010) “The Art of Painting in Vladimir Nabokov’s Laughter in the Dark”(纳博科夫小说《黑暗中的笑声》的绘画艺术元素), Journal of Liaoning Educational Administrative Institute, Vol. 27, No.7. pp.133-136.

Degree Thesis
Wang Wenxin (2011) “Vladimir Nabokov’s Novels and the Art of Painting”. M. A. thesis submitted to Beijing Normal University, China.

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