D.P. (Daan) Kok

  • PhD student
  • Japanese Studies

Fields of interest

My main field of interest is Japanese art and literature of the Edo period (1600-1868). More specifically, I focus on privately commissioned poetry prints (surimono) and kyōka poetry books. In my research, I explore the literary and cultural qualities of these materials, as well as the social networks of the poetry circles that issued these publications. Text-image relation is a recurring theme in my research.

PhD research

Visualizing the Classics: Reading Surimono as cultural and social history
Supervisors: Matthi Forrer and Ivo Smits


Languages and cultures of Japan, Leiden University (1998-2003)
Japanese language and culture, Hogeschool Maastricht (1996-1998)

- Free-lance adviser on Japanese art (2010- )
- Curator of the Japanese, Chinese and Korean collections, Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels (2008-2010)
- Junior researcher, Centre for Non-Western Studies (CNWS), Leiden University (2004-2008)


- The history of Japan to 1868 (BA1 course, 2011)
- Books for learning and for laughing: The information revolution of early modern Japan (BA3 course, 2010, 2011)
- Printed matter for people with taste: Surimono and Kyôkabon (‘doctoraal’ course, taught together with Prof.dr Matthi Forrer, 2005)

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