R. (Ruobing) Han

  • PhD student
  • Japanese Studies

Fields of interest

Material Culture and Consumption, Japanese Popular Culture and Japanese Folklore, Chinese Cultural Industry

PhD research

The Cultivation and Development of Character Consumption of Japanese Cartoons and Comics (Anime and Manga)
Supervisor: Kasia Cwiertka

My research examines the consumption of a wide range of merchandising that has developed around the anime and manga characters – including phenomena such as cosplay – both in Japan and beyond the Japanese borders. With the global spread of Japanese popular culture during the last three decades, manga and anime merchandising has assumed an increasingly important place in the Japanese exports. My project will explore the topic from a historical and comparative perspective, and will focus in particular on the character consumption in China, which now ranks as an important market for anime and manga consumption worldwide.


M.A. in Management, School of History and Culture, Shandong University, China (2010-2012)

B.A. in Art, School of Translation and Interpretation, Shandong University, China (2006-2010)

Exchange Student, Graduate School of Journalism and Media, Nihon University, Japan (2011-2012)

Related Professional Experience
Project participant, Academic Annual of China’s Cultural Industry Vol. 2009, 2010, Shandong University

Grants and Awards
- Taiwan Guanghua scholarship (2011)
- Excellent Graduate of Shandong Province (2010)
- Excellent Student of Shandong Province (2009)
- National Scholarship of China (2007)

Mandarin (native), English, Japanese


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Ruobing HAN (2011) “论日本动漫的肇始与初创The Origin of Japanese Cartoon and Comic”. Dongyue Tribune ( Chinese Social Sciences Journal ), 3:88-90. ( co-authored with Ying HAN ).

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