Dr. A.M. (Anne-Mareike) Wetter

  • Guest researcher
  • Assyriology

Fields of interest

My research is centered on the emergence of ethnic, religious, and gender identity in the Hebrew Bible. I am persistently fascinated with the subtle power of language - biblical or otherwise - to include or exclude, empower or impede, render commonsensical or nonsensical, whichever is in the interest of those in control in any given context. On a more positive note, I am impressed with the resilience and subversiveness that characterize many if not most biblical texts, and that enable the emergence and maintenance of identity in the first place.
Convinced that the complex nature of texts cannot be grasped with a one-dimensional approach, I use methods and concepts ranging from classical exegetical and literary tools to cognitive linguistics, and from ethnology to ritual theory.


2014: PhD Utrecht University, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
2006: Research Master Theology, Utrecht University (cum laude)

2008-2014: Research Assistant Utrecht University
2014-present: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Leiden Institute for Area Studies, By the Rivers of Babylon project

Key publications

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