Prof. dr. Th. M. (Marius) van Leeuwen

  • Professor
  • Systematic and practical theology
  • History of Arminianism

Fields of interest

Arminianism, systematic theology, hermeneutics, liturgy. 

My inspiration

It is fascinating to learn why people choose to become a preacher: a diverse subject, but not an obvious choice in the world of today. Following an academic study of theology, they enter an ecclesiastical training, e.g. the Arminian church. The questions that intrigue me: how can we still sensibly discuss 'God'? What claim to the truth does the language of believe have? Can we interpret ancient, cannonical texts, such as those in the bible, in a historically accurate way, so that they still speak to us today? Hermeneutical questions. Hermeneutics is at the centre of the ecclesiastical training: how to translate from science to everyday life, from extant texts to actual meaning.

Last Modified: 16-05-2014