The study of religion at Leiden University occurs in various modalities and contexts in the humanities and the social sciences. In addition to religious studies, these include

  • anthropology
  • archeology
  • area studies
  • the arts in society
  • history, and
  • law

At the core of this wider network, religious studies as a field of inquiry per se has its home in the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Religion LUCSoR.

LUCSoR's mission statement may be summarized as the study of religion in the world. This points to the phenomenon of religion in and of itself, as distinct from, and interacting with, 'the wordly' / the secular and similar categories; but also to religion as inseparable from its cultural contexts in various places in the human world, with pride of place for both local and global perspectives.

Reseach project descriptions for LUCSoR members will follow in due time. In the meanwhile visit the profile pages for more information on individual reseach interests.

Religion and Phylosophy Network

Last Modified: 09-12-2015