What's on

30 November: Book presentation “Over de Grens. Mijn ontsnapping uit Noord-Korea” by Prof. Jang Jin-sung

On the 30th of November, the LeidenAsiaCentre, formerly known as MEARC, organises an event during which the Dutch translation of prof. Jang Jin-sung’s 2014 book ‘Dear Leader. From trusted insider to enemy of the state, my escape from North Korea’ will be presented. The translation from the original in Korean was made by prof. dr. Remco Breuker and is entitled ' Over de Grens. Mijn ontsnapping uit Noord-Korea'. The event will take place at Spui 25, Amsterdam and will start at 17.00 hrs.


Earliest known alphabetic word list discovered

A flake of limestone (ostracon) inscribed with an ancient Egyptian word list of the fifteenth century BC turns out to be the world’s oldest known abecedary. The words have been arranged according to their initial sounds, and the order followed here is one that is still known today. This discovery has been published in the October issue of the Journal of Near Eastern Studies.