Summer School

Every year the Leiden Univeristy faculty of Humanitites organizes a linguistic summer school. This year Dr. Alessia Prioletta (Paris) will be teaching a class titled 'Non-Sabaic Ancient South Arabian languages'. The Summer school will be held from July 11 to July 22 at the faculty of Humanities of Leiden University.

Course description

 The course is focused on familiarizing students with the linguistic structure and lexicon of the three non-Sabaic Ancient South Arabian languages: Minaic, Qatabanic and Ḥaḍramitic.

Course outline

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Script. Orthography
Lesson 3: Phonology
Lesson 4: Morphology (1): Nouns. Adjectives
Lesson 5: Morphology (2): Pronouns. Numerals
Lesson 6: Morphology (5): Prepositions. Adverbs. Particles. Conjunctions.
Lesson 7: Morphology (3): Verbal aspects and verbal forms
Lesson 8: Morphology (4): Derived stems. Week verbs
Lesson 9: Syntax
Lesson 10: Text genres and formularies


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