Intercultural Management Training

Target group

Our Intercultural Management Training is designed for managers, in the Netherlands or abroad, who encounter cultural differences in their professional environment. These intercultural relations may arise during business trips abroad, while maintaining international contacts (by telephone, fax or e-mail), or when operating in a multicultural management team.


The form and content of the Intercultural Management Training are determined by the information we receive from application forms and interviews with the participants. The duration of the training varies from one to three days. It can be designed for individuals as well as larger groups.


The Intercultural Management Training focuses on the differences between various management cultures and the influence that these differences have on the internal functioning of an organisation. Different cultural aspects, as well as personal experiences, are taken as a starting point for discussion about theories and their practical applications. The training aims at raising awareness of the participant's own culture as well as that of their colleagues or negotiating partners, and at optimizing professional communication. The training can also be geared to a specific region.


For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Mr. S. Cheng
071-527 41 51 (not on Wednesday afternoon)

Last Modified: 22-06-2012