Civic Integration

The Academic Language Centre is a language institute which caters to professionals. We provide a variety of language courses as well as Dutch for foreigners. In January 2009 the Academic Language Centre was awarded the civic integration quality mark. Consequently applicants who wish to enrol for a civic integration course at the Academic Language Centre can apply for a loan to pay for the course and examination.  

interview and entrance tests
On the basis of a registration form you will be invited to the Language Centre for an interview and a day of tests. 

In order to participate in the course you must do a general placement test and an English test. You will be exempted from the placement test if you have a diploma from a third level institution. You do not have to sit the entrance test for English if you have A2 or higher.   During the interview we will discuss the course and come to an agreement with you regarding individual supervision.
You can opt for either the State examination programme ll course or the 'inburgering' course.  
State examination programme ll course
If you want to have a command of the Dutch language at a higher level, you can opt for the course entitled State examination programme ll.  This exam is an exemption for the exam Inburgering.
This course comprises Dutch course levels 1 - 4 and includes the preparatory course for the State examination.

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