French Intensive 5+6

The French 5+6 course is an intensive summer course. Participants acquire elementary knowledge of the language. The focus lies on practical everyday language use. Participants who have successfully completed the course will have reached level B1 (CEF).

The French 5+6 course is an intensive summer course. Having completed this course, participants are able to understand most radio and television shows, including programmes on current topics, as well as to read articles on contemporary problems. In discussions, they are able to explain and defend their position. As far as writing is concerned, participants learn to write a report and a personal letter.

Practical Information

No. of lessons: 15 sessions of 3 hours
Preparation: Approximately 3 hours per session
Language of instruction French/English/Dutch
Course load: The course load is 112 hours. On request a Course load declaration form can be issued. The student should enquire with their department whether course participation can be converted into credits.
Start courses: Course start in August

Course Fees

Course Programme and Enrolment

For information on the current programme and in order to enrol, please follow the link below. Individuals can pay by Credit Card (Mastercard or VISA) or iDeal. 

                        current programme - lesson times - enrolment

Targe Group and Admission Requirements

The course is intended for adults with a higher education, including both Leiden University students and staff members and other interested parties with no relation to the University.
The course is open to persons aged 17 and older who have completed a secondary school education. You can participate in this course if you have completed our French 4 course or if you have had six years of French in secondary school. Potential participants who do not fulfil these entry requirements have to complete an entry test to determine whether their level is sufficient. This test is a computer test. It can either be taken at the Language Centre or downloaded and taken home.

Course Material

- Version Originale 3, B1, Méthode de français, Livre de l'élève, Denyer e.a. + Cahier d'exercices.

ISBN 9789460303357
- Grammaire progressive du français niveau intermédiaire, 3e édition avec 680 exercises , CLE International, uitgave 2013 (3e druk)  ISBN 9789460307294
- Corrigés grammaire progressive du français niveau intermédiaire, 3e édition avec 6840 exercises, CLE International, uitgave 2010 (2e druk)  ISBN 9789460307300 
You are requested to arrange your own purchase of the course material. The books are available at most good bookstores.


Participants who have completed the course will have reached level B1 of the Common European Framework for Languages.

The course level is indicated with the help of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 

Skills Starting level     Target level
Listening A2.2 B1.2
Reading A2.2 B1.2
Speaking production     A2.2 B1.2
Speaking interaction A2.2 B1.2
Writing A2.2 B1.2

Click on the skills for further clarification.   

Course Description

Participants learn the specific language use which they need in the most frequently occurring everyday situations. Various aspects of life and customs are covered. Participants study grammar and vocabulary and practice these skills in a communicative context. French is in principle the language of instruction. Participants are expected to prepare for the lessons at home (approximately three hours per lesson).

The course is concluded with an oral/written test. A certificate is awarded if the test is completed successfully and the participant has attended 80% of the lessons.

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