Dutch as a Second Language

Dutch for students, staff and others

These courses are intended for adults with higher levels of education, Leiden University students and staff members who wish to combine them with their university studies or work, as well as other interested parties who are unrelated to Leiden University. The course focuses on everyday conversational Dutch and is also suitable for expats.
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Dutch for participants in civic integration programmes

These courses are intended for highly educated non-Dutch speakers who wish to complete the state examination as part of a civic integration programme.
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Dutch for advanced learners

Have you been living in the Netherlands for some time and would you like to further improve your Dutch? Based on an intake test we can tell you whether we can help you improve your command of Dutch.
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Dutch for native speakers of German

This is a short intensive course aimed at native speakers of German.
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Preparatory course for the Staatsexamen NT2 Programme II

This course prepares students for the Staatsexamen NT2 Programme II. They will practise for the state exam by using examples from sample test papers.
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Dutch for prospective Students - TUL Intermediate and TUL Advanced Exams

Prospective students with a non-Dutch secondary education background must have a good command of Dutch before they are allowed to study at bachelor level at Leiden University.
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Custom-made language training

In addition to the open registration courses, the Academic Language Centre also offers custom-made language training. For more information, please consult the custom-made language training webpage.

Last Modified: 29-06-2017