SPOC Dutch & More


Practical Information

Start dates September, February
Number of lessons 12
Day(s) and time(s) see Timetable & Registration
Registration fee € 75
Entry level A1.1
Target level A1.2
Language of instruction     Dutch and English

ATTENTION: This course is for international students of Leiden University only. You can only register after you have successfully passed the online course SPOC Dutch&More.

We offer courses in Leiden and The Hague. Please pay attention to the location.

Timetable & Registration: Leiden

Please note: due to the immense success of our online course, we have decided to create an extra course in Leiden for a maximum of 50 participants. The course code is: nds1b-Lpc, taught on Saturdays.

Timetable & Registration: The Hague

Please note: due to the immense success of our online course, we have decided to extend the amount of participants to a maximum of 50 for our course in The Hague.

Course Description

Dutch 1B is a follow up to the online course SPOC Dutch&More. The course is a beginners' course of Dutch as a second language (NT2) for participants who wish to follow a non-intensive course. This course covers half of the material of a regular Dutch 1 course.

All the basic language skills will be dealt with: speaking, listening, writing and reading. During the course you will acquire basic Dutch grammar and vocabulary. Reading texts and topics of conversation will be centred around everyday situations, giving you the opportunity to become familiar with both informal and formal language use.

Course Material

Title Nederlands in gang
Author(s) Berna de Boer, Margaret van der Kamp, Birgit Lijmbach
Publisher Coutinho
ISBN 9789046905401
Available at    Van Stockum
The course material is not included in the registration fee. Course participants are required to purchase course materials themselves.

Target Group and Admission Requirements

Dutch 1B is a follow up course to SPOC Dutch&More (1A). The course is a beginners' course of Dutch as a second language (NT2) for international students of the University of Leiden.

Some knowledge of Dutch is required. You need to have some knowledge of English in order to understand the teacher's instruction.

Further Information

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