Custom-made Language Training


The form and content of the course are determined by your answers on the intake form and, if necessary, an intake interview. Depending on the amount of time available you can opt for a programme which is intensive or semi-intensive. The lessons can take place during the day or in the evening. Courses can be designed for individuals as well as larger groups, and if so wished, courses can take place in-company.


The content of the course is primarily determined by your starting level and your wishes expressed on the intake form and during the intake interview. Furthermore, your background and position at work will be considered. During the course a special focus can be placed on for example grammar, speaking and/or writing. The course material will be selected accordingly.


In principle a course can be organised for any language at any level. Besides courses of western languages, we have recently organised courses of Arabic, Dari, Indonesian, Japanese, Persian, Pasthu, Russian and Swahili.


From €85 per hour for one person. For larger groups different tariffs apply, which will be provided on request.


For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact mr. S. Cheng, 071 527 4151, or send an e-mail to

Last Modified: 25-10-2016