PRINS 3.0: super-relevant cases with real career benefits

The BA international Studies doesn’t just fulfil the Leiden University promise – that its students can ‘discover the world’: with the unique and innovative final Practising International Studies (PRINS) project;  it ensures that the world can begin its discovery of our 3rd year students!

And from January kick off to the final pitches in May, PRINS 2017 proved the adage ‘third time’s a charm’.  The cases, connections, and career perspectives offered by participating organisations seemed especially well-tailored to challenge and inspire the 30 teams comprising 350 third-year Bachelor’s International Studies students of Leiden University during PRINS 2017.

 “This PRINS we had a really good match between our students who have a highly multidisciplinary approach, and the cases presented by the participating organisations,” says Dr. Sarita Koendjbiharie, Assistant Professor, who has been the driving force behind PRINS since its launch in 2015.

In PRINS 2017, student teams tackled tough issues for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DAMCO, the World Food Programme, the European Space Agency, Workplace Pride and Xyntéo.

PRINS: Fast track to marketable skills

What is PRINS? It is a unique and distinctive aspect of the Leiden University BA International Studies: a culminating, 14 week course that ‘bridges Bachelors with business’ by engaging students in real-life cases presented by multinational businesses and Dutch and international governmental and non-governmental organisations.

PRINS gets Humanities students on a fast track to developing such marketable consultancy skills as teamwork, presentation skills, and carrying out client-focused research.

And take note: students are completing their final thesis at the same time they are focused on PRINS. “The project takes students out of their comfort zone, and that is the purpose – but at the same time the tutors and I are there to guide and reassure them when it’s needed,” says Dr. Koendjbiharie.

Last Modified: 14-06-2017