Take off: first NIMAR study semester Rabat

On February 1st 2016 the first Rabat semester at the Netherlands Institute in Morocco (NIMAR) has started. During the semester, organised for students Arabic (Middle-Eastern Studies), participants will study Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Berber languages and Berber cultures intensively in Moroccan capital Rabat.

Get to know Morocco

The programme is open to all Arabic students Arabic higher education. All bachelor university students currently the second year of their study and all third-year Arabic students from Hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht. This year, NIMAR welcomes students from the University of Groningen, Maastricht University and Leiden University. In addition to standard lectures, the students will get to know Moroccan society by  following classes and weekly excursion in Rabat and its surroundings.

What is NIMAR?

NIMAR is the Netherlands expertise centre for Moroccan Studies. Starting 2016, NIMAR is a part of the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University. NIMAR organises lectures, facilitates research and actively adds to the knowledge of Moroccan  languages, cultures and society in The Netherlands.

Minor: Culture and Society in Morocco

In addition to the Rabat semester, NIMAR will also introduce a new minor: Culture and Society in Morocco. The programme, a study of Morocco from a social sciences and humanities perspective, will start in September 2016 and is designed for all students interested in gaining in-depth understanding of Moroccan society and acquiring skills in doing ethnographic research in a Middle Eastern Society. The minor is given in Rabat. 

Interested in the new minor? Keep an eye on the NIMAR website. New information will be released in April 2016. For more information please contact nimar@hum.leidenuniv.nl 

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