Launching in September 2016: new minor in Rabat, Morocco

Are you interested in the study of Morocco? Then you may enrol in the brand new English-taught minor ‘Culture and Society in Morocco’, starting in September 2016 at the NIMAR institute in Rabat. The minor is accessible for all students with a background in humanities and social sciences.

The programme

During the minor programme, students will submerge themselves in Moroccan culture during three months and become specialists on contemporary Morocco. Classes, taught by several Moroccan and foreign academics, will cover Moroccan history, society, politics and more. Next to following classes, students will participate in many excursions within Rabat and also go on a five-day field work trip to the Moroccan countryside.


Rabat is the capital of Morocco and is a well-organised, safe city on the Atlantic coast. It’s a great place for students to get to know North-African life. Souhaib Ben Kchouch, who studied an earlier NIMAR programme in Rabat, tells about his study experience in the city: “Rabat seems Westernized but it’s not hard to find new experiences. Each day seems to have an adventure of its own and there is an endless amount of cafes in Rabat to explore for socialising with people and for getting the homework done.”

What is NIMAR?

NIMAR is the Netherlands Expertise Centre for Moroccan Studies. Starting 2016, NIMAR is a part of the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University. NIMAR organises lectures, facilitates research and actively contributes to the knowledge of Moroccan languages, cultures and society in The Netherlands.

For students: practical information

The English-taught minor is worth 30 ECT’s and runs from September 2016 to December 2016. The programme is accessible for second- and third year students with a background in humanities and social sciences.

Last Modified: 02-03-2016