35% response NSE survey: cookies for everybody!

This week we passed the 35% mark on the NSE survey response meter! This is a great response for our study programmes and our faculty. The Faculty Board would like to thank all students and is treating all International Studies students in The Hague on cookies this Tuesday!

Cookie Monsters

The Faculty Board wishes to thank all students who have already completed the NSE survey for their feedback and involvement. This Tuesday our Cookie Monsters will be treating everyone to well-deserved cookies on behalf of the Faculty Board. You are welcome to come by at the Lange Voorhout building in The Hague on Tuesday 23 February between 12.45 and 1.45 PM. You can't miss them!

The cookies are comin': watch out for these guys!

The cookies are comin': watch out for these guys!

Is cake on the way?

The higher the response rate, the better the feedback for our study programmes and faculty. If you haven’t completed the survey yet, we hope you will do so still! The Faculty Board has promised everyone cake if we hit the 50% mark on the NSE response meter!

Lost your link?

On 16 and 27 January you have received an e-mail in your u-mail account with a direct link to the National Student Survey. If you’ve lost the mails, you can go to the NSE website and request a link. It will take only 10-15 minutes to fill in the survey. You can also fill in the survey on your mobile. 

Last Modified: 22-02-2016