Practising International Studies cases

Forword by André Gerrits

Let us focus upon one of the most distinctive characteristics of the programme in International Studies: the Practising International Studies course, which integrates real hands-on experience of working with business. During the 12 weeks of this case consultancy competition,  3rd-year students bring all of the knowledge and skills gained over the previous semesters to a real case presented by businesses, NGOs, consultancies and other organisations.

PRINS: International Studies students make an impact on the ‘real world’

From its beginning in 2012, International Studies has been designed to offer something unique in humanities programmes: a connection between students and organisations, and a working familiarity with the expectations of business. And with the Practising International Studies (PRINS) consultancy project, the culminating project for 3rd year International Studies, programme participant’s studies ‘get real.’