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Politics and economics central in new Philosophy specialisation

Philosophy has an important contribution to make to society, says Professor of Practical Philosophy Glen Newey. You need people who can think clearly, certainly in positions of power and authority. Newey stresses that “there will always be a place for philosophy”. An introduction to the practically focused master’s specialisation Philosophy, Politics and Economics .

Breaking the Rules with the LUCAS International Graduate Conference 2015

On January 29 and 30, the third bi-annual LUCAS International Graduate Conference will take place. This year’s theme is ‘Breaking the Rules! Cultural Reflections on Political, Religious and Aesthetic Transgressions’. This two-day conference will provide a platform for PhD students in the humanities to present and exchange their ideas in an international and interdisciplinary environment.

Leiden Classics: Bibliotheca Thysiana, a 17th century time machine

From once controversial scientific works and historical bibles, to personal shopping lists and clothing bills. The 17th-century Bibliotheca Thysiana and the archive of the collector Johannes Thysius exhibit both the intellectual and everyday life as it was three hundred years ago. Now a brand-new digital inventory has been developed, which will enable us to make new discoveries.