Lectures by project members

Emotion Management and Scholarly Selfhood

On September 29-30, Herman Paul will attend a workshop on "Emotion and Subjectivity, 1300-1900" at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (Wassenaar) and deliver a paper on "Emotion Management and Scholarly Selfhood in the Nineteenth Century: The Case of Robert Fruin."

The Dialogical Self

On August 22, 2014, Herman Paul will deliver a lecture entitled 'A Dialogue With the Past: What Historians Can Do With Dialogical Self Theory' at the Eighth International Conference on the Dialogical Self.

Passion, Love, and Desire

On April 23, 2014, Herman Paul will present a paper entitled “Why Epistemic Virtues Require Passion, Love, and Desire: A Nineteenth-Century View” at the European Social Science History Conference in Vienna.