Dr. M.F. (Michelle) Carmody

  • Lecturer

Fields of interest

Thematically, my research interest is in political identity, state formation, and the instrumentalization of political ideas and concepts such as human rights and development. Specifically, I’m interested in ‘everyday forms of state formation’, and the way that state actors draw on the work of activists, academics, economists and other experts, and on the past itself, to construct the state and to respond to challenges to the state. Geographically, my research interest is focused on Latin America, although I am also interested in the global south more broadly. I am also interested in post-authoritarian or democratizing societies in all regions.


My doctoral research focused on the use of human rights discourses in the construction and legitimation of the post-authoritarian state in Argentina. I have expanded on this to look at processes of post-authoritarian state formation in other South American nations, and in the future I would like to broaden this even further to investigate how these processes played out in different political and historical contexts, such as Central America, South Africa and East Timor. I am also beginning a new project that takes a similar historical-sociological look at state-society interactions, investigating the way that Southern Cone states have drawn upon economic protest and economic analyses in the post-neoliberal period as a way of reconstituting themselves.

Teaching activities

I currently teach primarily in the BA International Studies program, where I focus on economics and politics of Latin America, as well as running an elective looking at the historical development of migration regulation and restriction across the world. I am interested in emphasizing the transnational dimension to historical processes throughout my teaching. I am interested in supervising theses that also seek to place events and processes in transnational perspective.

Curriculum vitae

2011 PhD (Latin American Studies)(La Trobe University, Australia)
2004 BA (Hons) (Latin American Studies)

2012 onwards - Leiden University
2010-2012 - The University of Melbourne
2010-2011 - La Trobe University

2009 - Honorary Research Associate, Instituto de Derechos Humanos, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina

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