New Database: "Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice"

The university library is planning to acquire a fantastic new database: "Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice".

Dear colleagues,


The university library has announced that it plans to purchase the new database “Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice”. This extensive archive includes primary source material related to slavery and abolition in various contexts, including everywhere in the Atlantic world, the Indian Ocean, West Africa, and even modern-day slavery. It should prove to be a useful tool for our research and teaching, and will complement the Slavery and Anti-Slavery database that we acquired a couple of years ago.


In order to complete the request forms, the library would like a list of colleagues who support this acquisition. This entails nothing more than letting the library put your name on a list of “supporting staff members”. If you would like to be included on this list, please email me or Patrick Gouw of the university library (). The more the better!




Last Modified: 03-03-2017