Projects 'The Unification of the Mediterranean World (400 BC - 400 AD)'

Building Tabernae

The Building Tabernae Veni project, carried out by dr. Miko Flohr, focuses on urban commercial space in Roman Italy and deals with the impact of economic growth on urban communities in the late Republic and the Imperial period (200 BCE – 300 CE). It will investigate how favourable economic circumstances under the Roman Empire fostered the emergence of new and more ambitious forms of investment in commercial space, and it aims to understand how this transformed the physical and social fabric of the cities of the Italian peninsula.

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG)

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum is an annual publication collecting newly published Greek inscriptions and studies on previously known documents. Every volume contains the harvest of a single year and covers the entire Greek world. Material later than the 8th century A.D. is not included.