Dr. F.G. (Frits) Naerebout

  • Lecturer

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 2709
E-Mail: f.g.naerebout@hum.leidenuniv.nl
Faculty / Department: Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen, Institute for History, Oude Geschiedenis
Office Address: Johan Huizingagebouw
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Room number 1.71a
Personal Homepage: www.oudegeschiedenis.info

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Fields of interest

Religions of the Greco-Roman world

Curriculum vitae

Frits Naerebout was born in Delft, November 15, 1956. After secondary school (Gymnasium A, Stanislascollege, Delft) he went on to study history at Leiden University, specialising in ancient and medieval history, and the philosophy of history. He got his MA in 1980. Almost immediately afterwards he started teaching at the History Department of Leiden University.In 1990, he moved from Leiden University to the Dutch Open University, and from ancient history to the much wider field of cultural studies. In 1993 he studied at the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory of the University of Amsterdam. Since 2000 he was, intermittently, teaching at Leiden University again, as well as at the Open University. In 2003 he moved back to Leiden, and to teaching ancient history. Frits Naerebout got his PhD in Leiden in 1997 on a dissertation dealing with dance and ancient Greek religion, Attractive performances. Ancient Greek dance: three preliminary studies (Amsterdam 1997 Gieben). For a full curriculum, please refer to: http://www.oudegeschiedenis.info/

Major publications since 1995

(with H.W. Singor) De Oudheid. Grieken en Romeinen in de context van de wereldgeschiedenis, Baarn 1995 (512 pp; several reprints)

‘Texts and images as sources for the study of dance in ancient Greece,’ Pharos. Journal of the Netherlands Institute at Athens 3 (1995) 23-40

‘Mobiliseren en communiceren. Dans in het oude Griekenland,’ Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis 109 (1996) 361-375

Eindredactie van Pre- en protohistorie van de Lage Landen, Heerlen 1996 (revised 2nd edition)

Attractive performances. Ancient Greek dance: three preliminary studies, Amsterdam 1997 Gieben (xx, 452 pp)

Author (11 chapters) and editor of: Van Babylon tot Brugge. Preïndustriële stedelijke cultuur, delen 1-4, Heerlen 1997

'Being Greek on Fourth Avenue. Isadora Duncan put into context,’ Choreologica. Journal of the European Association of Dance Historians 1 (1998) 34-47

‘“6 harte met sprinveere. 6 dito van koperdraait met 12 lampies.” Dance and high society in The Hague during the second half of the eighteenth century: an interim report,’ in: A. Aalten et al. (edd), Dance in the Netherlands 1600-2000. New directions in historical and methodological research. Research papers (Amsterdam 1998) 7-21

(with H.W. Singor) De Oudheid. Grieken en Romeinen in de context van de wereldgeschiedenis, revised edition, Amsterdam 2001 (522 pp; several reprints)

La danza greca antica. Cinque secoli di indagine, Lecce 2001 (182 pp)

‘Which way forward for dance history?,’ in: Dance History. The teaching and learning of dance history. Proceedings of the conference held at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 3rd-5th November 2000 (London 2001) 41-50

‘Emporikon ti pragma. Feest en economie in de antiek-Griekse wereld,’ Leidschrift 16.2 (2001) 23-40

‘“Het is de realiteit... en het is bovendien niet mijn schuld.” Een poging “iets” te schrijven over Henk Versnel,’ Frons 21.1 (2001) 38-47

Editor of: Hans Uitman, De schouwburg liep vol wanneer het ballet begon. Hoogtepunten van het romantische ballet in Amsterdam (1836-1861), Amsterdam/Voorschoten 2001 [=2002] (with introduction and an obituary of Uitman)

‘I meléti tou archéou Ellinikóu choróu. Istoría ke simperásmata’ and ‘Prospáthies anasístasis tou choróu tis Archéas Elládas,in: A. Raftis & A. Lazou (edd), Chorós ke Archéa Elláda (Athens 2002) 125-153 and 154-163

‘“Nice dance! But is it authentic?” What actually is this authenticity that everybody is going on about?,’ in: A. Raftis (ed), Dance as intangible heritage.Proceedings of the 16th international congress on dance research, Corfu 2002 (Athens 2002) 125-138

Introduction and notes to a reprint of J. Meursius, Orchestra. Sive de saltationibus veterum (Opera Omnia, vol. 5, Florence 1745), Athens 2002

‘The Baker dancer and other Hellenistic statuettes of dancers. Illustrating the use of imagery in the study of dance in the ancient Greek world,’ Imago Musicae. International Yearbook of Musical Iconography 18 (2001) [=2002] 39-63

Bewegend Beeld. Film, televisie, nieuwe media en maatschappij, Faculteit Cultuurwetenschappen, Open Universiteit Nederland, Heerlen 2003 (e-publication with a printed introduction)

‘O choros stin archea Elladha. Mia apopira katanoisis’, Archeolojia ke technes 90 (March 2004) 8-14

‘Dance in ancient Greece: anything new?’, in: A. Lazou, A. Raftis & M. Borowska (edd), Orchesis. Texts on ancient Greek dance (Athens 2003 [=2004]) 139-162

‘Another battle fought and lost: seventeenth century Dutch predikanten and the dance,’ in: A. Lazou, A. Raftis & M. Borowska (edd), Orchesis. Texts on ancient Greek dance (Athens 2003 [=2004]) (on the CD-ROM accompanying the book)

‘Na kaas een dagje wachten. Territorialiteit in de Griekse religie,’ Lampas (2004) 36-52

Griekse democratie. Democratische politiek in het klassieke Athene (Amsterdam, 2005)

Naerebout, F. en Mogens Herman Hansen, Stad en staat. De antiek-Griekse poleis en andere stadstaatculturen (Amsterdam 2006)

Work in progress

Several publications on territoriality and ancient Greek religion, on the temple at Ras el-Soda, on the Penteskoufia pinakes, and on ancient Greek dance

A review article on the work of the Copenhagen Polis Centre (with M.H. Hansen)

A biography of Frederik Poulsen and C.W. Vollgraff

The editing of a series of popular books on the ancient world for the Amsterdam University Press (with H.W. Singor)

The editing of a textbook on the religions of the ancient world for Kok Publishing (with H.W. Singor)

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