Professors Maritime and Expansion History

An overview of former and present professors of Maritime and Expansion History at Leiden University.

J.E. Heeres (Professor 1902 - 1918)

Biography J.E. Heeres (in Dutch)

H.Th. Colenbrander (Professor 1918 - 1925)

Biography J.Th. Colenbrander (in Dutch)

N.J. Krom (Professor 1925 - 1945)

Biography N.J. Krom (in Dutch)

T.H. Milo (Professor 1946 - 1960)

Biography T.H. Milo (in Dutch)
''Levensbericht'' T.H. Milo (in Dutch)

J.R. Bruijn (Professor 1979 - 2003)

Website J.R. Bruijn

C. Fasseur (Professor 1986 - 2001)

Website C. Fasseur

P.C. Emmer (Professor 1991-2009)

Website P.C. Emmer

J.L. Blussé (Professor 1998-2011)

Website J.L. Blussé

F.S. Gaastra (Professor 2003-2010)

Website F.S. Gaastra

G.J. Oostindie (Professor since 2006)

Website G.J. Oostindie

H.J. den Heijer (Professor since 2010)

Website H.J. den Heijer

J.J.L. Gommans (Professor since 2011)

Website J.J.L. Gommans

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