The Students from Ayotzinapa: security, citizenship and the search for justice in Mexico

On Monday May 18, Latin American Studies will be welcoming a delegation from the survivors and parents of the missing students from Ayotzinapa (Mexico). During the meeting, the parents and students will give their testimony on the current situation of political and criminal violence in Mexico, followed by a debate with scholars, professionals and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and an open debate at the end.

Last September, a group of 43 students was abducted in Iguala, in the Southern state of Guerrero, Mexico. They were teacher trainees from a rural school in Ayotzinapa, and disappeared on their way to a demonstration. This case became the latest in the widening spiral of violence that has costed more than 100 thousand lives in Mexico since 2006.

Following the mass kidnapping, the slow and erratic response from the federal government ignited citizens' demonstrations that took place across the country for a number of months. As the case seems to cool off in the national arena, the parents of the missing students and support groups are now on an European tour to bring international attention to the issue.

How can the situation regarding criminal and political violence in Mexico be understood? How are indigenous and rural communities affected? What is the impact of violence and mass disappearances on the international relations of Mexico? In this meeting, a group of the students and parents from Ayotzinapa will hold their testimony on the events and their aftermath, followed by a debate with professionals.


A delegation from Ayotzinapa will be present at Leiden University. A group of specialists and professionals, including John Ackerman (National University of Mexico, UNAM), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and international NGOs for human rights, will analyze and reflect on the events of Ayotzinapa and their international impact.

Time and location

Date and time: Monday 18 May 2015, 10-13 hrs.
This event is free and open to the general audience.

Location: Klein Auditorium, Academy Building, Rapenburg 67-73, 2311 GJ Leiden
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Dr. José Carlos G. Aguiar
Latin American Studies / Institute for History

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