Graduate Seminar 2008-2009

An overview of the Graduate Seminars of 2008-2009.

First session

Date and time: 17 September, 15.30 hours
Chair: Marlou Schrover
Presentation: Charlotte Laarman
Commentary: Eduard v.d. Bilt and Murari Kumar Jha
Topic: 'Discussing mixed relationships. Gender, class and ethnicity in postcolonial migrant communities. A case study of the Netherlands, 1945-2005'

Second session

Date and time: 15 October, 15.30 hours
Chair: Patrick Dassen
Presentation: Richard Griffiths
Commentary: Eduard v.d. Bilt and Murari Kumar Jha
Topic: 'Netherlands Foreign Aid Policy 1967-1989. A Model UN-Norm Country?

Third session

Date and time: 12 November, 15.30 hours
Chair: Jos Gommans
Presentation: Andreas Weber
Commentary: Eduard v.d. Bilt and Murari Kumar Jha
Topic: 'A kingdom and its 'imagined' colony? - The Malay Archipelago in the eyes of the naturalist C.G.C. Reinwardt (1773-1854)'

Fourth session

Date and time: 10 December, 15.30 hours
Chair: Judith Pollmann
Presentation: Maartje Janse
Commentary: Hans Mol and Ylva Klaassen
Topic: 'Associational Mania in the United States. The Struggle for Recognition and the Transformation of Politics, 1820-1850'

Fifth session

Date and time: 11 February, 15.30 hours
Chair: Patrick Dassen
Presentation: Margit van der Steen
Commentary: Joost Augusteijn and Dennis Bos
Topic: 'A biography of Dr. Hilda Verwey-Jonker (1908-2004)'

Sixth session

Date and time: 11 March, 15.30 hours
Chair: Rens Tacoma
Presentation: Kim Beerden 
Commentary: Harm Manders and Eduard van de Bilt
Topic: 'One or the other?’ – Divinatory texts and alternative traditions'

Seventh session

Date and time: 15 April, 15.30 hours
Chair: Marlou Schrover
Presentation: Tycho Walaardt 
Commentary: Piet Emmer and Aniek Smit
Topic: 'Zoeken naar speelruimte. Pleitbezorgers in de Nederlandse asielprocedure (1945-1994)'

Eighth session

Date and time: 13 May, 15.30 hours
Chair: Judith Pollmann
Presentation: Geert Janssen 
Commentary: Corrie van Eijl and Erica Boersma
Topic: 'Catholic Exile and the Revolt of the Low Countries'

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