Calendar of Eurasian Empires

An overview of research trips, lectures, symposia, and other activities related to the Eurasian Empires program.


Research trip Kim to Lille.

29 - 31 August
Summer School in Amsterdam.

22 October
Lecture Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger, Rituals of Consensus? Assemblies of Estates in Early Modern Europe.


10 - 20 January
Research trip Marie to Ukraine

14 - 18 January
Research trip Kim to Ghent

21 - 25 January
Research trip Kim to Mechelen

24 January
Lecture Jo Van Steenbergen, The Flux and Reflux of Mamluk State Formation: social theory, social agency and prosopography in late medieval Egypt.

February - May
Research trip Willem to Cairo

15 - 30 March
Research trip Marie to St. Petersburg.

10 - 25 July
Marie to St. Petersburg (conference).

June - August
Research trip Lennart to Lisbon.

26 - 31 August
Project trip Rome

November - February 2014
Research trip Lennart to India.


November 2013 - February
Research trip Lennart to India.

6 - 16 April
Research trip Willem to Egypt.

17 - 18 May
Marie at Silk Road Symposium in Hermitage, Amsterdam.

7 - 10 July
Willem at International Medieval Congress in Leeds.

26 - 28 August
Summer School in Leiden.

5 - 7 November
Maaike at International Conference of "Imperium & Officium" in Vienna.

19 November
Jeroen keynote speaker at the German Historical Institute in Rome: Groups of Power at Early Modern Courts.

15 - 17 December
Jos and Liesbeth at conference “From Timur to Nadir Shah: Imperial Connections between India, Iran and Central Asia” in Cambridge.


4 - 7 March
Kim at international conference 'Mary of Burgundy: The Reign, the ‘Persona’, and the Legacy of a European Princess' in Brussels.

5 March
Jeroen lectures at German Historical Institute in Paris, Les Femmes de Pouvoir dans le Monde Dynastique.

7 - 8 May
Marie at international workshop 'The Golden Horde in a Global Perspective: Imperial strategies' (Leiden).

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