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If you need any help with questions related to general study planning or if you need advice with problems regarding essays, papers, and  preparation for exams, you can get in touch with the student mentor of the Master's programme in International Relations.

Examinations, exemptions and the Minor and Pre-Master European Union Studies

This section provides information on how to register for examinations and access your results and how to obtain an exemption from certain courses which form part of the Minor.

Registering for examinations and accessing your results

Registration for examinations is possible through uSis. In order to register for an examination, follow the registration guide on the help website from uSis. Make sure to carefully complete your registration and check your status. Your exam results can also be accessed via uSis, for instance via Selfservice > My Course History.

Obtaining an exemption from a course

Have you already followed, or are you going abroad to follow, courses similar to those offered by the Minor European Union Studies? In that case you might qualify for an exemption.

Please send an exemption request, together with a course description and a grade transcript, to the following address:  

Minor EUS 
PO Box 9515
2300 RA Leiden

Please mention that you are following the Minor European Union Studies. If in doubt, please contact Dr. D.M. Oude Nijhuis.

Important information about the Minor and Pre-Master EUS

The programme consists of 6 courses, which each correspond to 10 EC. The first semester offers three introductory courses, of which two are also open to exchange students. The second semester offers one introductory course and several optional courses, of which two have to be chosen.

These courses are:

1st semester:

- Law and Institutions of the European Union (introductory course)
- The History of European Integration (introductory course)
- The European Union Today (introductory course)

2nd semester:

- Law and Economics of the European Union (introductory course)
- two electives

Study material & Lectures

All introductory courses use standard textbooks. In addition, individual courses may assign additional reading material, as indicated in the course layouts available on Blackboard.
During the first semester, lectures are on Mondays and Fridays.
Attendance and adequate preparation for all course meetings are obligatory. The courses include an attendance correction on the final marks. Students are at most allowed to miss 2 out of the 12 meetings of each course.

Marks & Exams

All introductory courses except The European Union Today are graded through written exams. The grades for the course The European Union Today and all optional courses are primarily based on course participation and one or several policy papers. Final marks for each course are given in one decimal. Those courses that are graded through written exams offer one opportunity to do a retake.


- The programme is in English. This means that all assignments also must be submitted in English.
- As the programme seeks to teach both theoretical and practical knowledge, learning how to write policy papers is a core element. An ‘EU Research Guide’ is available on the home page for guidance on electronic sources relating to the EU.
- Students are advised to familiarize themselves with faculty rules concerning plagiarism. All submitted papers are electronically tested for plagiarism. In addition, the staff will actively make sure that there is to be no overlap between paper topics written for different courses.
- Although we are aware of the creative difficulties with writing papers, deadlines will be strictly enforced in order to ensure fairness between students. This means that late submissions involve a penalty of 1 full point per week – granted that the delay could have been avoided.


To qualify for participation in the MA European Union Studies, pre-master students have to supplement the 6 courses with an additional 5 ECTS paper.


The university works with an electronic student administration and learning environment.
Make sure you sign up to these:
- Sign up for individual courses and the exams through uSis!
- Sign up for the Minor EUS and individual courses on blackboard!

More info

Should you have any further questions, please contact the programme coordinator (Dennie Oude Nijhuis) or the Student Affairs (Marnix van der Gun).

The office hours of the secretariat are:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9.00-12.00; Wednesday 13.30-16.30; Friday closed.
Telephone number: +31 71 527 1905

We are looking forward to a pleasant EU-studies year with you all!

The Staff
(Dennie Oude Nijhuis, Anne-Isabelle Richard, Jan Oster, Jean Penders and Ida Petter)