About the European Union Studies Minor

The European Union is the most powerful economic union in the world and the most successful integration project in history. As an European Union citizen, you are influenced by its policies and decision-making on a daily basis, in areas ranging from the internal market to education. In future years, the influence of the European Union is only likely to increase. Yet do you have detailed knowledge of how the European Union works? Are you familiar with its history? And finally, are you aware of and ready to make use of career opportunities that this knowledge may offer?

This minor gives you a full overview of the European Union: its history and institutions, its decision-making process, and its key policies. In addition, it provides you with an understanding of the European Union's increasing influence on the global stage, the role of the Netherlands in the European Union, and the influence that organized interest groups have on European decision-making. When you are finished with the program you will have acquired a thorough understanding of how the European Union works and will be able to apply this knowledge in a number of internships. You may further decide to deepen your knowledge of the European Union by participating in the European Union Studies or European Law Master programmes.


You can follow the Minor:

  • as a complete 30 ECTS Minor

  • as a first or second semester facultative (15 ECTS)

  • on a pick and choose basis for exchange students

  • as a pre-master for the MA EU Studies Programme

Maximum amount of participants: 50


1st semester:

  • Institutions of the European Union

  • The European Union Today

  • The History of European Integration

2nd semester:

  • The Economics of European Integration

  • Two electives

Please refer to the Prospectus for detailed information on the courses offered.

Last Modified: 28-01-2016